15 September 2013

The Prostitue and The Ghost Bride

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps, geeks, and worms (bookworms, of course)!

I feel very inspired to write about books today because this morning I found a great book in Books & Magazines at KLIA! Better, it's written  by a Malaysian! Gosh just how proud I am to be born as a Malaysian. Thank You Allah.

"The Ghost Bride", as the novel is titled, is time-based far back during the colonialism age in Melaka. It is about spirit marriage, a traditional Chinese belief but it took a interesting drastic twist into a mystery, ghost encounters, murder-to-solve, and family secrets which make the novel both historical and fantastical as well. But having to not read it yet (shamefully), I couldn't say more than it has grabbed my attention when my eyes first set on the beautiful cover. I read the synopsis and I tell you, it's enchanting! The price is less than RM50, which, if I'm not mistaken is just RM43. A good read with a reasonable price tag. What more could a book-lover asks for?

The second book is The Prostitute by K. Surangkhanang. It depicts the sad life of a country girl being tricked into prostitution. At the brothel, she fell in a love with a guy from an aristocratic background. He promised to save her but his visits came to an abrupt end without her telling him that she is pregnant with his child. The story continues with lots of hardship, anger, frustration and tears. The ending is what I remember the most. This book made me cried (a lot), angry, and some parts managed to make me smile. It is straight-forward and full of emotions. I would highly recommend it to book-lovers. Surprisingly, it was written back in 1937. I've read it once but I would love to re-read it. Sadly, I lent it to a friend and she hasn't return it yet to me. It's been what two years? I thought I'd just consider it as sedekah but day by day, the urge to read it again gets stronger and I have to ask for it back. I'm not sure if it's still in the market because I've never seen it anywhere.

These are the two books I so badly want to feast my eyes on and feed my mind with. I know nothing of reviews so don't think of this as one. Hmm, so camera talk yesterday and today it's book talk. What else should the talk be next? I, myself have no idea haha.

Lots of love,
Anis Zaydi